300k Celebration Event!

Thomas83514 Edit: I would like to use this opportunity to say big “Thank You!” to all members of the Crew, everyone who visited our site, thanks to the amazing community for making this possible. I hope I am still around and that the army is still around to see it turn into 400,000 site viewers. We have worked incredibly hard and I assure you it’s not ending here, we will rise and be the great army Jeepkid7 would want us to be, and the legends would be proud of where we are now. To the whole army, thank you again! -Thomas83514

As the crew celebrates 300k views on our site we logged on to Zipline to have an igloo raid. The igloo raid didn’t work out as well as we thought it would due to lagging and glitches. Half way through the igloo raid we moved to the everyday phoning facility to have a fun event. We maxed 13+ and averaged 11. Formation was good in the phoning facility and tactics were close to perfect. Well done crew for getting 300k views on our site that’s incredible. Comment if you came and scroll down for pics ❤


8 Responses

  1. I CAME


  3. I came and took pics

  4. I CAME

  5. I attended

  6. I came.

  7. i came to it.

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