Training event on Abominable

Today, the Crew logged onto Abominable to practise tactics. We started in the Stadium, where we did beautiful tactics, then moved to the Cove, to do more tactics and experiment with tactics as well. Overall it was a nice event. We maxed 11, averaging

pics v


comment if you came or didn’t come! There’s an event at 8 est if you are in US division.


The Crew Owns Ascent!

Today, the Crew logged into Ascent to add it to our territory. We started off in town, did some tactics, claiming Ascent. with the owners of Ascent not showing up, and the legal stuff out of the way, we did a fun U-Lead session! We moved to the Lighthouse Beacon, practising tactics before logging off. We maxed 12 and averaged 11.

pics v


Comment if you came!


Allied Invasion of Merry Christmas

Today, just after the Crew finished battling Wild Ninjas, we moved to Merry Christmas on to invade UMA’s server, with the help of Elite Guardians and URP. We went to the Town maxing 11, and averaging 10, with only the Crew overpowering UMA who averaged 5. Then, they retreated to Easter Bunny Town, where they surrendered. I award all of you who came to this for your endurance and ability to play club penguin for 1 hour straight.

pics v



2017 Awards

Hey Crew, It’s the end of another year and although we have not been alive a year, many great things have still happened here like this army returning on Club Penguin Rewritten. If you were nominated for some awards you should be very proud, and you should consider voting below for your favourite people/events who have made this year in the Crew army the best it has been. Good luck to all.

Leader of 2017 –

Owner of 2017 –

Moderator of 2017 –

Member of 2017 –

Advisor of 2017 –

Veteran of 2017 –

Event of 2017 –

Moment of 2017 –

Thanks to all troops for adding what you think was your favourite part of 2017, hopefully we will make many more great memories in 2018. Everyone has worked hard with the Crew Army this year and it wouldn’t be the same without you guys. Good luck to everyone!


Training on Marshmallow

Today, the Crew logged into Marshmallow to practise for Christmas Chaos tomorrow. We started in the Pool, doing some tactics, before moving to the Dock and practising a bit more with varying tactics. We maxed 10, averaging 8, which is certainly not our full potential, with 12 people who could’ve logged in. You better log in tomorrow for our big event ! (or i will slice you)

pics v




Training session on Sleet

Today, the Crew logged onto Sleet Vintage Penguin for a training event. We started in the town, before moving to the Dojo and practising some flawless tactics. Then, we moved the the mine, before going to the Pool and finishing the event. It was a good training with great tactics, maxing 9 and averaging 7.

pics v


comment if you came

Recruiting event on Sleet

Today, the Crew logged onto Sleet to recruit some penguins. We started in the Town, getting some recruits, before moving to the Mine and doing some nice tactics, lead by the 2ics. It was a successful recruiting event, maxing 12 and averaging 10. I want to thank all the new recruits for doing well in their first event! Read on for pictures.


comment if you came!!!