Blueysib6’s Retirement Post

I will not be a leader of the Club Penguin Crew Army anymore. I haven’t been on at all for over a week because I’ve not had time and it’s not useful for me to be a leader when I’m not active; therefore, I am retiring. However, I will be advisor and try to come to events and do what I can for this army.

I wasn’t a leader for long and I was only active for half of the time I was so this isn’t really important. Also, at any times when there is an event when Thomas or future leaders are not able to come, I can lead it.

I also find this post strangely funny, lol

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Unscheduled Event on Deep Freeze

Today, the Club Penguin Crew Army logged onto Deep Freeze for an unscheduled event. We started in the Forest and then went to the Ice Berg. We maxed 16, which is amazing for our third event! However, we need to improve our tactics. Comment if you came! Read on for pictures.

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Opening Event

Today, the Club Penguin Crew Army logged onto Ascent for our Opening Event. Sadly, discord stopped working when the event was about to start so we didn’t have as many troops as we should have had but we still maxed 8, which is quite good for our first event. We went to the Ice Berg and then to the Stadium. Our tactics were good. Hopefully, discord won’t stop working for our recruiting session tomorrow! Comment if you came to the event! Read on for pictures.

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