Zipline Training Session

The Crew logged on Zipline, Stadium for a training event. After 10 minutes, we changed rooms to the Cove. Tactics were perfect most of the times and it was a pretty good event. We maxed 16 and had an average of 11. Good job Crew! Comment if you came!imageScreenshot_2017-12-28_at_3.05.01_PMScreenshot_2017-12-28_at_3.06.07_PMScreenshot_2017-12-28_at_3.07.01_PMScreenshot_2017-12-28_at_3.08.07_PMScreenshot_2017-12-28_at_3.09.29_PMScreenshot_2017-12-28_at_3.15.49_PMScreenshot_2017-12-28_at_3.18.07_PM -Delfi2000


Training for Christmas Chaos

Today, the Crew logged in Zipline, Iceberg to prepare ourselves for the Christmas Chaos this Saturday. Tactics were really good and after 20 minutes we changed rooms to the stadium. We maxed 9 and had an average of 8. Comment if you came!

25imageimage (2)image (1)image (4)image (5)image (6) -Delfi2000

Training event on Zipline

Today, our event was on the server Zipline and started on The Dock. After 15 minutes, we changed rooms to the Iceberg. The Crew maxed 12 and had an average of 10. We also had perfect tactics, even though at the end a lot had to leave the event. Comment if you came!

9.png3.png675.pngScreen_Shot_2017-12-13_at_20.12.10.png8.png2.png -Delfi2000