300k Celebration Event!

Thomas83514 Edit: I would like to use this opportunity to say big “Thank You!” to all members of the Crew, everyone who visited our site, thanks to the amazing community for making this possible. I hope I am still around and that the army is still around to see it turn into 400,000 site viewers. We have worked incredibly hard and I assure you it’s not ending here, we will rise and be the great army Jeepkid7 would want us to be, and the legends would be proud of where we are now. To the whole army, thank you again! -Thomas83514

As the crew celebrates 300k views on our site we logged on to Zipline to have an igloo raid. The igloo raid didn’t work out as well as we thought it would due to lagging and glitches. Half way through the igloo raid we moved to the everyday phoning facility to have a fun event. We maxed 13+ and averaged 11. Formation was good in the phoning facility and tactics were close to perfect. Well done crew for getting 300k views on our site that’s incredible. Comment if you came and scroll down for pics ❤


Training on Marshmallow

Today, the legendary army logged onto Marshmallow for a training session. We started off at the berg, doing decent tactics but not perfect yet. Our formation needs to be more spread out but it was okay. We then moved to the beach where we had most of our perfect tactics and a good formation. Finally we bombed the docks and made a ‘C’ formation. We maxed 21 and averaged 20. Comment down below if you came and scroll down for pics. ❤


Event on Ascent

Today the crew logged onto Ascent for an event. We did amazing at the start in the forest. Our formation was evenly spread out and our tactics were close to perfect. We then moved to the dock and made a plus as our formation. Our tactics weren’t as good but formations have improved a lot. We maxed 19 and averaged 18. Comment down below if you came and scroll down for pics. ❤


Last Event of 2017!

As 2017 comes to an end, the crew had their final event of the year on Zipline. The crew started off in the town for some warm up tactics before the actual event started and moved on to the Berg. Our formation was bunched at the start but we quickly realised and fixed it. Tactics were quite good but still needs to improve. After the Berg we moved to the docks where we got a fantastic size but not so great tactics. We maxed 15+ and averaged 14. Scroll down for pics and comment down below if you came!

Finally, Happy new year guys! ❤


Practice Battle against EGCP

Today the crew had a practice battle against EGCP.  We started off in the berg and did good at tactics but the formation could have improved. We then moved to the stadium and did a lot of different formations which looked decent. Tactics do need to speed up but it wasn’t the main problem. There was lots of disconnecting and rejoining because of the lag. We maxed 14 and averaged 12.Scroll down to know who won and comment if you attended ❤

The leaders of both armies called it a draw as said below.

Fantastic recruiting on Blizzard

Today, the legendary crew logged on to Blizzard for a recruiting session. We started off really good in town and got many recruits joining in. Tactics could have been better in town but you always got to improve somehow. We then moved to the iceberg with 14+ penguins doing outstanding tactics. Finally, we moved to the mine and did tactics and formation perfectly until the end of the session. We maxed about 17 and averaged 15. Well done to everyone who attended if we continue to be as amazing as this, we will be the best cpr army! Comment if you came and scroll down for pics ❤

Recruiting on Sleet

Once again, the Crew did alright during the session. Formations stayed at a good level during most of the battle. Tactics weren’t as great since many people were not focused or awake. The crew maxed 11 and averaged 10. There are lots of things to improve on but it will be hard to make this army better than it already is. Scroll down for pics and comment down below if you came ❤