CPRC Chat:

Welcome to the Chat Page, I suggest you memorise all the rules and keep the link stored in your Brain. You have to come to this chat whenever we have an Event or such. Unless you can’t for a legitimate reason then you may just attend the event. But I highly recommend that you stay on chat during a event.

Listen to Orders, and Achieve Victory

You come here to have fun but also to listen to orders, ordered by the highest rank online, mostly Leaders.

 – RULES –

You have to obey to the rules, otherwise there are Consequences.


1. No Being Inappropriate:
-No swearing on the chat, swearing can only be used in the swearing&explicit channel. Don’t DM swearing to people either as you could cause offending them.
-No using homosexuality [or the word gay] as an insult.
-No using mental retardation as an insult.
-No sexual/drug topics.
-No racism, sexism, or derogatory comments about ethnicity.
-No inappropriate emojis.

2. No Advertising: Do not come here and advertise your chat or site. Youtube and photo links are allowed. Kick and then a ban.

If anyone tries to recruit you and join their army, tell a member of staff and show them a screenshot and they will receive a permanent ban for ruining our great army and dividing us.

3. Don’t say things that you know will cause a fight even if you are just stating your opinion. If it is offensive and controversial it shouldn’t be said on this chat: kick/role remove/ban depending on the situation.

4. Don’t Ask for Personal Information: Do not request to see pictures, phone numbers, etc…… Doing this on any channel or direct message will result in you being kicked and then banned.

5. No Cyber Bullying: Don’t pick on people. Kick, then a lengthy ban.

6. Do Not Ask For Mod: Asking for mod will get you kicked out of the chat, doing it again will get you banned from it.

7. Do Not Try and Bribe Owners: For a rank in the CPC or a position on chat other than your army rank. The consequence will be a kick.

8. Use Your Head: If you are unsure if something is against the rules, don’t do it. Up to the owners’ digression.

Follow and Succeed.

Leaders of Club Penguin Rewritten Crew Army


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