Welcome to the all new Medals page, this page will show troops’s medals status. if you dont think this page is correct Private Message me in the Discord and ill take your advice to improve it.


These show how you get Medals.


Comment on the website: +1 Medal (per day)

Recruit a new member: +1 Medal (each recruit)

Come to an event: +2 Medals

Max 20 at an event: +1 Extra Bonus Medal (all troops)

Take pictures at an event: +1 Medal (per event)

Come to an Important Event: +5 Medals

Win a practice battle: +1 Extra Bonus Medal (all troops)

Win a tournament battle: +3 Extra Bonus Medals (all troops)

Win Troop Of The Month: +10 Medals

NEW————- MAKE 5 ACCOUNTS: +1 Medal to each 5 accounts.


A small violation in the Discord server: -1 Medal

A normal violation in the Discord server: -3 Medal

A serious violation in the Discord server: -5 Medals (possible demotion)

An inappropriate comment on the website: -2 Medals

Disrespect to owners: -1-5 Medals (depending on situation)

Becoming inactive without notice to leaders: -1 per day after a week of not being in the server or coming to battles, (possible demotion)


So above are some ways YOU can earn yourself some medals, you need an average of 20 medals to be promoted to the next member rank after Private. You need an average of 50 to be promoted to the next mod rank until Captain, and you need 100 medals to be promoted to higher mod ranks up to General, once you reach General, medals no longer matter. You need to show how active you are, produce some good posts on site, and be responsible and loyal as a good soldier to get owner ranks and eventually become a leader!


I will soon add things that certain troops need to get better at, these will be getting online on time, become more active, get better at tactics, formations and even speed while on CP. Thanks for reading this page, and I’ll improve it with Bluey when i think of more ways to do so.





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