❗ CPRCrew Ranks ❗

Welcome to the Ranks! On this page, you can see our Members, Moderators, Owners and Leaders! You can be added on the Ranks page if you join, which can be done here! You will be added on ranks within 24 hours after you have sumbitted your join application.

Want to rank up? You have to earn a promotion to do so. How? Be active. That means: come on chat as much as you can, attend as much possible events, earn lots of medals, comment on every post and have fun!


Red: US Division (Americas) – 20 Penguins

Blue: UK Division (Europe and Africa) – 28 Penguins

Green: AUSIA Division (Asia & Australia) – 5 Penguins

Total Crew Force:





Tymatt and Thomas83514

Leader In Training

Zeke/Fudge Doge


Field Marshal

Delfi2000, Arureadindis, Fabgirl


SavageCobra, Arkadiy


moderator 1.0 Lieutenant Generalmoderator 1.0

Pepe4358, xChris, Originale

moderator 1.0 Major Generalmoderator 1.0

moderator 1.0 Brigadiermoderator 1.0

flame tobias, Agent Rocky, DuckThePengu

moderator 1.0Captainmoderator 1.0


moderator 1.0 Warrant Officermoderator 1.0

DecoratorTax8, blupufflebro, DramaAlert67, cool45, CrazyThunder



 Sergeant Major


TheEmoLatina (P1374841), BryGuy5101 dylanedes2, ItsZach, FreeCandy4 U,


ShawnBread, DdkokoYT,

 Lance Corporal

xavenn, FBIDragon AdamHW, Yellowmoshi2, ARTurner,

Private First Class

JarJarBoinks (P1349006), Kali~Chan100, Meme2444, Lukeywolf, Marshall708, P1097070


spusterooo, Kryptic1, mrpanquake13, Tiggyz, Kevin35923, shadowslash, reylordsgami, fireball463y, LittleLamb99, M4T30, 1greenjack, NIGHTSLAYER, burgerkingz, carter518, Clemont47(Zane), TheHaterOmG, Jenri Gusman, Starglow, andresmont98, artem, LunaLove101, User4327, JustinTFC, SHINY80215, CAPTURE2468, Code7000, Wasserboy08, Mrivory, carlscoming, Sebi ice, OOPat, slippu, PACMAN999, Chilie1136, raivo111, mrgab2, hzrd1, sage210, Waddler11643, diamond253


Pingububu, Lance101, Maripink007, xFuZioNx, Hallybuy56, kaishahawes, Pancake534, iHostz MySpace xD (P1523805), tirepenguin, Jojo Za 2.0, Ifox54, TaeAndSuga TheRealFrost, Mouda 1234, OMounir524, marniee, Mafraafonso, MonkeyMJ, thierry506, kcajboty (P1511571), swagshrek123, Squishyboba, RestHD, haggstrumpa, SierraV, un1234, RamDanny, HappyTiger49, Shoko


veterans rank: Bigmail, conno11 saltinee123, snickers4763, guitar4830, LegofanCy, Maisie4423, keith09, Centaur17

Advisor: Cookky3, Buddy, Blueysib6, Dan101, Earthing

Different ranks for different troops

Crew Commander: They are the main leaders of the army, all of their commands must be obeyed, they have the power to promote and demote any troops, and have access to all permissions in the Discord Server.

Leader In Training: This rank is for the most loyal, active and devoted owners who are the next in line to become leaders. They have worked incredibly hard to reach this point, however there is still room to improve but there is a good chance they will earn the actual title of Commander as they continue doing well at leading.

Field Marshal: The 2ic of the army, one rank below the training leaders, they should always be respected and commands should be followed. They are to lead battles when leaders are not present. They have access to almost every permission in the Discord Server.

General: Another high rank, and the lowest owner rank at 3ic. They can make a lot of decisions and must be respected. They are to lead battles when leaders and 2ic rank are not present. They have nearly every permission in the Discord Server.

Lieutenant General: They are the highest rank moderators, 4ic, they are always to be respected and need a little more experience to become owners, they may also help lead battles but are mainly there to recruit and keep the chat safe. They have regular discussions with leaders an are proud of the medals they have earned to get where they are.

Major General: Very well experienced moderators, at 5ic. They do a lot for the chat and help recruit, they also help the owners and can make decisions when higher ranks are offline. They still need to be treated with respect and are also proud of the medals they have earned for their rank.

Brigadier: A fairly experienced moderator, they are working hard to become higher ranks, and are good troops progressing in the army. They are to recruit and be responsible and lower ranks should look up to them. They are very helpful towards higher ranks still and are gaining their medals in order to be promoted.

Captain: They are fairly new moderators who are still learning well to become better within the army. They are for helping all new troops to the army and recruiting. They can make some decisions and are always respectful to higher ranks. They are working to be promoted by earning their medals.

Warrant Officer: A brand new moderator, they have worked hard to become moderator and now face more responsibilities. They should guard the chat and recruit while welcoming in new troops. They learn from more experienced moderators and collect medals in order to continue earning higher ranks.

Colonel: They are highly skilled troops who have worked very hard to get where they are, they are active and are next in line to become moderators. They are to attend battles and be on the chat whenever they can. They should listen to commands but also welcome new troops into the army. They also earn medals to rank up.

Sergeant Major: They are troops who are not far off becoming moderators, but they still need a bit more experience. They attend battles and welcome the new troops into the army. They earn their medals by being active and coming to events.

Sergeant: The soldiers at this rank are getting closer to earning moderator. They still need to keep being loyal and active and coming to battles, but also learning the responsibilities of what moderators do. They are still very active troops who come to events often and are earning some medals.

Corporal: They are soldiers who have been working hard at coming to battles, they have earned the rank by being active and listening to orders. They continue to earn more medals and get promoted as they succeed in the army.

Lance Corporal: These troops are getting used to how the army works, they become active and listen to the commands of higher ranks. They have done well with their medals and continue to work hard to get promotions and become better soldiers.

Private: These are fairly new troops who have joined the army, they have been to some events and are working hard to reach the next ranks by earning medals, which are received as rewards for good soldiers. They learn more about the army by reading, listening and learning from the leaders.

Enlist: They are brand new troops who have just joined the army as the lowest rank, they will be promoted to Private once they have attended their first event and are learning more about the army. Anyone with the Enlist rank should be welcomed into the army and motivated to do well and earn some medals.

Thanks for reading these brief descriptions of the ranks, Comment your rank below and check it later to see how far you came since the date you posted the comment!


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